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Outlook add-in that prevents Outlook contacts from showing up twice (once for email, once for business fax)
Microsoft Office Marketplace logo For everyone who has Outlook and doesn't like the duplicate email addresses that popup when you select the "To:" (in the "Select Names" window), this add-in is for you. It will change all fax numbers for a contact to have a pre-pended "Fax:" before the number. This has the effect of preventing Outlook from recognizing it as a valid address. This way, when you select "To:" and get the Select Names dialog box, you will see only one email address listed. Image of Hide Fax Numbers Outlook Add-In

You can run this add-in against your default Contacts folder or against an Exchange public folder to keep everyone else from seeing the fax address listed as well. It works with any folder that has Outlook contacts contained within it including the new Microsoft Business Contact Manager.

Plus, you can save time with this add-in because it will automatically convert any fax numbers of new contacts you create when you save those new contacts - without you having to do anything.

Prevents Outlook fax numbers from showing as email addresses

Features of the Hide Fax Numbers add-in:
  • Hides the contact's fax numbers while making it remain visible to you
  • Works on a single folder or on multiple folders at once
  • Operates with Exchange public folders or any other shared folder
  • "Undo" feature lets you revert back at any time
  • Automatically hides the fax numbers as you create new contacts
  • New! Now hides e-mail2 and e-mail3 addresses as well
  • New! Supports the new Microsoft Business Contact Manager
  • New! Two new buttons, "Show" and "Hide" appear when you view an individual contact for easy conversion between the two modes
  • Integrates directly into Outlook
  • Works with Microsoft Outlook 2007, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2002 and Outlook 2000, including Business Contact Manager (BCM) contacts
You can revert back to fax numbers at any time, for either one single contact or all of them at once. Save yourself the aggravation of having to guess which contact address you're selecting by adding it to your cart.
(SKU: A84660)

Note: This add-in participates in the Power User Bundle offer. If you're thinking about getting this add-in, check out our special offer.

Outlook Tip: How to change the order of names in the address book

The Outlook Address Book sometimes displays first and last names in the wrong order. If you want to display "Last, First", but it persists in displaying names as "First Last" (or vice versa) then follow these steps. The steps are dependent on the version of Outlook that you are using and the mode. You can check the version and the mode by going to Help...About.

Outlook 2002:
Go to Tools...E-mail accounts...View or change existing directories or address books...Outlook Address Book... Change...Set your sort order there

Outlook 2000:
Tools menu...Services...Highlight the Outlook Address Book service...Click Properties...Set order

Internet Mail Only:
Tools menu...Address Book...View menu...Sort by

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