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Outlook add-in to save emails and attachments as PDFPower Rules Manager Add-In for Microsoft Outlook
Do you feel limited by the Outlook rules wizard? The Power Rules Manager add-in for Microsoft® Outlook® simplifies managing your Outlook rules. Your rules will be shown in a clear and simple grid, that can be sorted by simply clicking on any of the grid headers. Image of Auto Print Outlook Add-In

Features of the Power Rules Manager add-in include:
  • Adds a toolbar button directly into Outlook for easy access to your rules
  • Easily sort Outlook rules by name, what order they run, by the folders involved in the rule, and many more
  • New! Set Execution Order feature allows you to easily set the execution order of your rules once they are sorted
  • Print Outlook rules
  • Save Outlook rules to a plain text file (TXT), a comma delimited file (CSV), or Microsoft® Excel® (XLS) formats
  • New! Backup and Restore your rules to an editable XML file
  • New! Double click any of the rules to edit the rule
  • New! Easily add new rules with the click of a button
  • Validate and automatically correct your Outlook rules
  • Easily execute Outlook rules against folders you select
  • Works with Microsoft Exchange Server but doesn't require it
  • Works with Microsoft Outlook 2016, 2013 and 2010 (64-bit and 32-bit) or Outlook 2007
There are five validation checks built into the add-in. You can flag duplicate rule names, find and repair duplicate rules, validate and correct missing Stop actions, verify folders and contacts involved in each rule, and consolidate your rules. Each of these checks has their own button so you can invoke them separately to check Outlook rule consistency at any time. The validate stop actions feature alone is worth the price of the add-in because it will flag all the rules that have a move action but no corresponding stop processing more rules action. Not having a stop processing more rules action is a primary reason for getting duplicate emails.

The add-in also helps you to save space in your Outlook rules by making it easy to consolidate your rules. Not only does it have the ability to sort your rules by the folders involved so you can quickly see which rules are similar, but you can now simply click the "Consolidate Rules" button to have rules that have identical actions merged into a single rule! Now that you can consolidate you can save a lot of space. For instance, if you know that you have three rules that move messages into a particular folder, but based on different conditions, then those three rules can be coalesced into a single rule with all three conditions.

Simplify managing your Outlook rules. Buy your copy today!
Price: $39.95

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