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Professional Outlook Add-In Tools
Save time in Microsoft Outlook. Take control of email.

Use our tools to make your email life easy and make Outlook do what you want it to do.

Be more productive and get more out of Outlook with our professional line of Outlook add-in tools. There are add-ins to help you to automatically save emails and attachments, add-ins to organize your email rules, add-ins to automatically send out emails on a schedule and many more.

All of our tools come with free upgrades and free tech support for two years.

What's New
Our Schedule Recurring Email add-in for Outlook 2013 has been released from beta! It now has the ability to schedule emails hourly and allows you to add or subtract a few days from a monthly or yearly schedule. Read more information about these new features and more on our blog.

Send Individually, an add-in to send email newsletters and other communications right from your Outlook, is now out of beta for Outlook 2013 and also supports reading Excel files directly. Our Outlook add-in blog covers this in more detail.

Auto Print, an add-in to automatically print emails and attachments, is now available in German. Our Outlook add-in blog covers this and other changes made this week.

Save As PDF, an add-in to save emails and attachments to PDF, is released out of beta (for Outlook 2013, that is). It also has three new features: 1) The ability to always create PDF attachments out of the email attachments (that is, they don't get transcribed), 2) The option of adding the mailbox ownder name to the top of the generated PDF email, and 3) the option to not include the mailbox owner name in the path when using the "mimic Outlook folder structure" option. This last feature is useful in shared workgroup environments. A more complete discussion can be found on our Outlook add-in blog.

Announcing version 5.0 of all our add-ins, designed to work with Outlook 2013. While some of these are still in beta, we invite you to download them and try them out at your convenience.

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January, 2014: New add-in MailBeat is in beta.

December, 2013: Schedule Recurring Email for outlook 2013 released out of beta.

October, 2013: New add-in Delete Stale Emails is in beta.

September, 2013: Outlook 2013 Quick Text Hotkeys released out of beta.

July, 2013: Send Individually add-in now reads Excel files.

May, 2013: Outlook 2013 Save As PDF add-in released out of beta.

January, 2013: Outlook 2013 add-ins in beta.

October, 2001: Our first Outlook add-in was sold!

What are Outlook add-ins?
Add-ins are helper programs that integrate directly into Outlook. They enhance and expand the capabilities of Outlook. All of our add-ins are for Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2003, 2002 or 2000, but do not work with Outlook Express. Read our FAQ for more information about add-ins.
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